specimen of a demand letter

specimen of a demand letter

Sahara Centre (4th Floor)
37/A Kakrail, VIP Road, Dhaka-1000,

Dear Sir,
ln terms of the Power of Attorney issued in your favour, we would request you to select the following personnel against Visa No ……………………. Date …………………

Category                             Required Quantity                           Monthly Salary
…………………….                               …………………….                                               …………………….

Other Terms & Conditions:

(1) Food, Accommodation, Medical
Treatment & Transportation                                       : Free of Cost

(2) Contract Period                                                         : 3 (Three) years (Renewable)

(3) Annual Vation                                                            : ………….. months after completion of 2 (two years service

2 (two) years service

(4) Both way AirTicket                                                   : Arrangement shall be made by 1st party (Employer)

(5) Working Hours                                                          : 8 (eight) Hours per day-6 (six) days per week.

(6) Probationery period                                               : 3 (Three) months.

(7) All Other Terms & Conditions And Overtime                : According to the Labour LAW of the Employer’s country.

Thanking you

Your faithfully                                                                                                    Signature and Seal of the Employer

(Note: This is to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Employers Country & also by the Embassy/High Commission of Bangladesh in the Employer’s country.)

Specimen of a power of attorney


Specimen of a power of attorney

Know all men by these presents that we, M/S …..,……………….. do hereby appoint MESSRS ZAMAN BHAl (PVT)LTD. Sahara Centre (4th Floor), 37/A Kakrail,VIP Road, Dhaka-1000,Bangladeshholder of Recruiting Licence No. RL-153 to be our true and lawful attomey and Agent inBangladesh, in respect of handling all affairs concerning with the selection and recruitment of ……………………………………… Nos. workers deposit of necessary fees etc.,with the protector of Emigrants, Goverment of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, and to sign all necessary documents with the said office in regard to the aforesaid Visa and to deal with passport, Security Clearance, Emigration clearance, passage booking and stamping of visa from the Embassy relating to our Visa No. …………………… Date ……………….

We do hereby revoke previous authorisations (if any) granted by the Company or any other Companies/Agents inBangladeshfor witness here of this power has been given at ……………….. on this day of the …………………………….

For and on behalf of

M/S …………………………….

Signature and   Seal of the Employer

(Note: This is to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Employer’s Country & also by the Embassy/High Commission of Bangladesh in the Employer’s country.)

Agency appointment formalities

To meet the requirements of the Bangladesh Ministry of Expatriate’s Welfare and Overseas Employment, a foreign Employer needs to prepare the following documents:


An Agency Agreement is to be made between Employer and Recruiting Agent as per prevailing laws of both the countries they belong nationality stating with brief trems and conditions for recruitment of manpower from Bangladesh.


A formal letter of demand is to be issued by the Employer addressing the Recruiting Agent detailing with full job specification! categories, number of workers, monthly salary, contract period, working hours and all other facilities i.e food, accommodation, medical, air passage, insurance etc.


A letter is to be issued by Employer duly authorizing the said agent to act on behalf of the Employer for recruitment of workers as per demand letter and to carry out all necessary formalities related to respective Embassy and the related agencies of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.


The consulate of the Employer’s Country in Dhaka Bangladesh requiring a letter of authority (Consular Letter) from the Employer authorizing MESSRS ZAMAN BHAI (PVT) LTD. to recruit the workers on behalf of Employer and submit/collect passport form the cosulate. This letter of authority should be addressed to the chief of the consulate section.


A Visa Advice is to be issued by the Ministry of Foreign affairs of the Employer’s country mentioning detail information of Employer with necessary particulars of recruitment of manpower, if the recruitment involve more than one country, photocopy is enough but to be sealed & signed by the Employer properly.


This contract of Employment is made between the Employer and. the recruited Employee stating fully and precisely all Employment terms & conditions to be followed by the Employer and Employee during the whole contract period.

 N .B: All letters / documents related to agency appointment formalities except visa advice must be authenticated by the Embassy! High Commission of Bangladesh in Employer’s country.

Terms and conditions

Compulsory terms and conditions

  1. Period of contract: Minimum 02 (two) years.
  2. Probation period: 90 (ninety) days.
  3. Daily working hours: 08 (eight) hours per day. Maximum 12 (twelve) hours per day with 04 (four) hours paid over time.
  4. Weekly working days: 06(six) days per week (48 hours normal).
  5. Weekly rest day: 01(one) day per week (paid holiday).
  6.  Accommodation: Free of cost bachelor type accommodation (not tents) must be provided by the Employer.
  7. Messing facilities: Free Food or food allowances to be provided by the Employer.
  8. Medical facilities: To be provided by the Employer free of cost.
  9. Transportation: Free transportation to be provided by the Employer.
  10. Air Passage: Both way economy class air ticket to be provided by the Employer.
  11. Vacation: As per labor law of the country of Employment.
  12. Social security / Insurance: To be covered at the cost of Employer according to labor laws of the country of Employment.
  13. Dead bodies: Dispatch of dead bodies or evacuation due o serious injury will be sent to Bangladesh at Employers expenses.

Responsibility of the employer

  • Arrange visit of the project site by the Embassy/ High Commission Personnel to ensure genuinity of the requirement of demanded work force.
  • Arrange receiving of the workers at airport in time.
  • Inform authority of MESSRS ZAMAN BHAI (PVT) LTD. about receiving of the work forces.
  • Inform authority of MESSRS ZAMAN BHAI  (PVT) LTD. about receiving of the work forces.
  • Advance payment of an amount to each work force on arrival in the country of work, deductable from monthly salary/wages.
  • Arrange free furnished housing accommodation suitable for human living
  • Ensure water, electricity etc. in the place of accommodation.
  • Ensure full security of the work forces both in the working and living places, specially in case of female workers.
  • Timely payment of salary for every working month.
  • Keeping updated the validity of Passport, Residence permit / Employment Visa of the work forces.
  • Inform MESSRS ZAMAN BHAI (PVT) LTD. authority about the renewal of the contract between the Employer and the work forces after expiry of the initial contract.
  • Proper medical treatment of the work forces in case of sickness /accident.
  • Inform MESSRS ZAMAN BHAI (PVT) LTD. authority any problem that requires handling.
  • Follow terms of agreement signed between Employer and work forces.