The People’s Republic of Bangladesh is an “OCEAN OF MANPOWER” ALLAH, the Almighty has blessed Bangladesh with the greatest and strongest Manpower resources. Here in Bangladesh the government and non-government Universities produce Masters in General Administration, Business Administration and other Social Science. The Medical University and colleges produce world recognized Doctors and Nurses. The Engineering Universities and Colleges produce Technologists in all disciplines such as Architects, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, information Technologist etc.

The Agricultural Universities and Research Centers produce the most wanted Experts in the field. Bangladesh is holding hundreds of Technical and Vocational institutes from where we are getting thousands of Technicians in all disciplines to meet the world needs. Besides there are a large number of un-skilled workers are available in Bangladesh to cope with the need of developed and developing countries. We believe that the human resources of Bangladesh is sufficient to meet the needs and demands of national and international community.

Since time immemorial people from this country have been traveling to the remotest places of the world in search of rewarding jobs. At present about 10 millions of our people are working in various profession all over the world including in the Greater Europe, Greater America, Middle East Countries, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, African Countries etc. and their categories range from common laborers to semi-skilled , skilled to professionals. This has been possible owing to inherent qualities of our people to tune quickly to new working conditions with a sprit of sportsman.

It may also be mentioned here that the lucrative advantages attract overseas Employers to recruit Bangladeshi workers as they are sincere, energetic, obedience with disciplined, well behaved, peace loving, amiable disposition, similar food habit, knowledge of English, Arabic & Malay language, high productivity, better training facilities, cheaper transportation, minimum flying hour, closer culture affinity, as well always extremely loyal to employers and respected to local laws and customs.